Fort Wayne Plastics moving forward…

Fort Wayne Plastics is diligently moving forward on continuous improvement activities to enhance the FWP value proposition in the marketplace.

FWP management has identified key target areas and set forth a series of initiatives to move the company forward in accomplishing our goals and objectives. FWP is committed to always furnishing the customer with the best overall customer /supplier experience with solid communication, accurate and timely information, and top quality molded products at competitive prices.In order to deliver this customer experience FWP continues to evaluate, measure and identify methods to enrich our capabilities. These methods include systems enhancements, employee training and purchase of new equipment, among others.

 Fort Wayne Plastics is a leader in structural foam molding and structural web molding with close to forty years in business. Fort Wayne Plastics has nine low pressure multi-nozzle injection molding presses with capabilities of up to 150 lb. shot. In addition to structural foam molding, FWP is a viable technical resource for plastic conversion opportunities and new product development. FWP also has a 70,000 + square foot warehouse and secondary assembly capabilities.

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