Fort Wayne Plastics employee anniversary

Fort Wayne Plastics is proud to announce an employee anniversary.  Bob Grimes- Purchasing Manager has been with Fort Wayne Plastics for 23 years. Bob has long been a major component to the success of Fort Wayne Plastics and has held key positions within the organization.  Bob began in June, 1991, as a Quality Auditor and has been moving forward ever since.

Congratulations to Bob!

Fort Wayne Plastics is a leader in structural foam molding and structural web molding with close to forty years in business. Fort Wayne Plastics has nine low pressure multi-nozzle injection molding presses with capabilities of up to 150 lb. shot. In addition to structural foam molding, FWP is a viable technical resource for plastic conversion opportunities and new product development. FWP also has a 70,000 + square foot warehouse and secondary assembly capabilities.




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