New Product Launch

Fort Wayne Plastics is happy to announce the successful completion of a trial run of sample product for a new FWP customer.

FWP is always honored to partner with customers to mold their low pressure, multi -nozzle injection molded plastic parts. We value new and ongoing relationships and understand our services ultimately add value to our customer’s offerings.

We work very closely with our customers to effectively manage the implementation or transition of a new product into the fold of our molding operation.The FWP management professionals operate as a cross functional team with the aid of a lead project manager to assess and address all aspects associated with the successful transition of a new customer program. FWP technical resources work with the customer to meet and exceed expectations in all areas. In addition to part molding and mold-ability performance issues; procurement, scheduling, tool and material management, quality, shipping, and possible FWP warehousing plans are established during the early stages of a new tool build or existing tool transition.

FWP is proud to work with all of our customers and we deeply appreciate and recognize the importance of FWP’s role in our customers’ success in the marketplace.