FWP Customer Service

Meet Judy Koontz; Judy has been the voice on the phone for many years as Fort Wayne Plastics’ Customer Service Manager. Judy began with Fort Wayne Plastics in 1982 and brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and represents FWP as the first point of contact with customer issues. Judy not only has electronic tools to access information quickly to answer questions and provide solutions but is backed up by a cross functional team of FWP managers devoted to customer satisfaction.

Superior customer service is a strategic goal for FWP and
has proven to be a key differentiator in todays’ marketplace. FWP’s superior
service is backed by organization-wide strategies and investments in people,
systems and tools to for delivering on the service promise.

• MRP SYSTEM provides instant access to inventory, scheduling, shipping, etc.

• Single point of contact conversant in all aspects of FWP’s services

• Committed to same day order acknowledgement.

• In compliance with our ISO certification improvement activities, FWP continually surveys its customer base for performance evaluation and ideas for FWP to improve.













What is Structural Web Molding

Structural-web molding technology is a low pressure process
that creates controlled internal hollow channels in parts that increase
stiffness and strength while saving material and cycle time. It can be
performed on the same multi-nozzle, low-pressure injection machines utilized
for structural foam.

To compare with structural foam molding, a process in which nitrogen
gas is injected into the extruder barrel and mixed into the melt to produce a
part with a solid skin and cellular core; structural web injects nitrogen gas through
special polymer/gas nozzles directly into the mold. The result is a solid skin
with hollow thick sections such as structural ribs.

The web process produces a smoother surface finish than
structural foam with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Unlike
structural foam, structural web molded parts do not contain the characteristic
swirls on the part surface. Coupled with the advantages of the low pressure
multi-nozzle format; structural web allows for high quality appearance parts
which can be physically large and/or multiple parts able to be manufactured in
one shot.

The structural web molding process is favorable to other
molding processes due to the lower internal stresses to the part and lack of
sinks. Additionally, structural web molding lends itself to increased design
flexibility along with lower clamp tonnages and lower cost aluminum tools.