Conversion Opportunties with Fort Wayne Plastics

Structural foam plastic is a solid choice for converting products made from steel, concrete, or wood.  Structural foam molding and structural web gas-assist molding are ideal for many applications due to the inherent properties associated with the molding process.  Desirable product qualities, such as the ability to mold parts of large physical size, parts that require high visual appeal, design flexibility and the integration of multiple parts into a single part, high strength and rigidity, and light weight in relation to overall size are only a few of the benefits obtained by the low pressure multi-nozzle injection molding process.  Pricing is competitive with other plastics molding processes, as well as lower tooling costs due to aluminum construction of these molds.

Thermoplastic resins are excellent materials for conversion because they reduce part weight, increase durability, and provide an environmentally friendly recyclable product allowing cost savings of the part.  FWP is an expert partner in guiding your company with converting your part and will manage all aspects of the process with part design support, material selection, and tool design support.  All of these factors will optimize the “mold ability” of the part to help lower tooling costs and ensure that the finished part will meet or exceed all of your expectations and requirements.