What is Structural Foam Molding?

Structural foam molding is a low pressure multi-nozzle injection molding process that provides a plastic part an outstanding weight to strength ratio.  Many large structural parts require thicker walls and ribs than standard injection molding can produce.  Structural foam molding allows for the injection molding of thick wall parts with the addition of a foaming agent.  In order to produce a thicker wall part,  a small amount of nitrogen or chemical blowing agent is required to be injected into the plastic material.  Under pressure within the injection screw and barrel, the foaming agent does not expand.  When the melted plastic enters the mold cavity and core, the foaming process occurs.  As the foamed plastic fills the mold, the wall of the part hardens against aluminum mold wall.  A thin layer forms a skin structure that is supported by the foamed inner core.

Fort Wayne Plastics is a preiminent structural foam molder strategically located in the Midwest USA. Fort Wayne Plastics has nine structural foam injection molding presses and an 80,000 square foot warehouse to meet customer’s need and expectations.